Our Process

Step 1: ICP Research
ICP Research
We jump on a first workshop session where we would like to obtain a good understanding of your audience. We ask questions and exchange information that will help us execute lead generation campaigns.
Step 2: Strategy Formulation
We define ways of how to approach data research and messaging strategy. In particular, we select criterias to prequalify targeted companies. Besides, outbound sequence is compiled based on the information from ICP research.
Step 3: Ongoing Data Compilation
ongoing data compilation
Our data research team gathers weekly data for lead gen campaigns. It includes contact information and data points for better execution of campaigns. The data is double checked and verified, so there are no errors. Then, we study data and results.
Step 4: Weekly Optimization
It takes time to nail your ideal market. Our job is to find specific points of growth to make it happen. We make tactical adjustments each week to see what else we can test. The areas of optimization can vary from overlooked segments to messaging tactics.

Schedule Go-To-Market Consultation

Our first step is to see whether we can help you grow your sales. Effective campaigns start with knowing your target. Once we know that there is a fit we will share our offer.