Services We Offer

Appointment Setting

Our dedicated team of data researches and business development specialists will generate needed amount of monthly booked meetings. Those prospects are prequalified based on budget, authority and need.

Sales reps and business development specialists need on average 4 appointments to close a deal. We make sure you get those appointments each month.

LeadSider focuses on solving 2 problems. First, filetering companies that have the right timing to be in the list of cold leads. Second, we compile a message based on profound research of ideal clients.

B2B Data Research

We utilize available web resourses and technologies to find full list of contacts and data points.

We apply a human-centric approach that is built around people who know how to use the right technologies.

Our well-oiled data enrichment process helps us in list building with low costs per sale.

Outsoursed Sales

Focusing on things that help you make noticable improvements in your sales perfomance.

You can grow your business by outsourcing your sales for less than the cost of a full-time sales person or buz dev.

Our offering is to bring a buz dev who focuses on both prospecting and sales. This person can handle those leads that our team brings in.

Schedule Go-To-Market Consultation

Our first step is to see whether we can help you grow your sales. Effective campaigns start with knowing your target. Once we know that there is a fit we will share our offer.